Electrical Company


Presto Electrical is a leading electrical company that services the construction industry by providing electrical maintenance and electrical installations.

Much of our work involves electrical installations for large industrial clients and major office blocks. We also do cross border installations.  Some of our resent projects were in Nigeria, Angola and Tanzania.

A major advantage that we offer is that we are one of the few companies in Johannesburg to handle both the installation for large construction as well as ongoing maintenance.

Most electrical contractors do the installation and move out, leaving the maintenance to a smaller company unfamiliar with the initial wiring. This can cause problems when things go wrong – as neither company is prepared to accept liability.

Presto Electrical‘s guarantee is a legitimate guarantee. We do the initial installation as well as the ongoing  electrical maintenance and thus  accept responsibility for the entire electrical infrastructure.









Should you require more information on Presto Electrical company services, contact us.